What is a Private GardenTM?

Publishers’ assets are bursting with potential.
The Private GardenTM helps them take back control.

We’re dedicated to helping publishers grow. Sowed from within a premium publisher, Smart’s expertise and mature tech platform have already attracted hundreds of forward leaning publishers. They rely on Smart as their independent tech partner: 100% transparent and without any conflicts of interest.

Take back control and regain confidence

With the emergence of open and data protective tech platforms, there are now tools and expertise available for publishers to wean themselves off their reliance on the walled gardens of the duopoly. They can, in effect, till their own “private gardens.”

The power of 1st party data

Private gardens give publishers the wherewithal to activate and protect their first-party data and revenue management, ensuring the highest return for each impression.

Create an exclusive marketplace

The market is moving back to private transactions. It’s the opportune time for publishers to build and control their own marketplaces featuring their loyal audience.