The Ad Industry Post-Chrome Adblock

Romain Job’s article, “The Future of the Ad Industry Post-Chrome Adblock”, was originally published on February 19, 2018 in French, under the title “Quel avenir pour le marché pub avec l’arrivée de Chrome Adblock ?”. The op-ed explores not only the rollout of the Chrome ad filter but also alternatives for publishers seeking to gain independence from the duopoly. An excerpt from the article follows:


“It is essential to ask whether Google should exercise so much control over online advertising. Given its dominant position in the market, this authoritative role gives it the opportunity to impose rules on the market that may disadvantage its competitors, and, moreover, the publishers themselves, who cannot propose their own formats at the risk of being blocked by Chrome. Rather than being totally dependent on these two actors, publishers would benefit from developing their own “Private Gardens”.

This concept, contrary to that of the “Walled Gardens” of Google and Facebook, offers publishers the opportunity to better understand and take advantage of their own audience data. By taking income margins back from intermediaries, they are able to protect their audience and increase engagement and loyalty by focusing on the user experience.

Therefore, the real challenge for publishers is to make the best of both worlds: take advantage of the opportunities offered by complying with the new market quality requirements and equip themselves with tools to differentiate their inventories, enhance their data and create self-reliant marketplaces…”


Access the article in its entirety at Journal du Net .