Did Publishers Lose the Battle Against FB & Google?

Nicolas Jaimes’ article “Did Publishers Lose the Battle Against Facebook and Google”, originally published in French under the title “Les éditeurs ont-ils perdu la bataille publicitaire face à Facebook et Google ?”, explores the overwhelming power of the  duopoly, and how there is still a ray of hope for publishers trying to claw back some market share. Focusing on user experience will be key:


“Publishers need to take drastic action. They need to get rid of revenue sources that discourage internet users, even when those sources are are profitable in the short term. With the arrival of the Chrome Ad Filter, publishers have no choice but to rethink the advertising experience, and become more innovative. This means less advertising, which will improve the user’s experience, and less inventory. This will increase value  and create higher CPMs, says Michael  Michael Nevins, Chief Marketing Officer of the ad tech company Smart…” 


Read the article in its entirety at Journal du Net.